About the game

When you join the server you can create a castle for yourself by typing the command /rook create. Your castle will be spawned in the void world near all the other players' castles. Around your castle there is a wilderness area filled with resources for you to get! But beware, other players might try to kill you there!
After you are done with your kingdom for the day, you can disconnect from the server and your castle will disconnect with you! It will despawn from the world and will spawn again when you come back.

Technical Info

Because of the heavy work of spawning and despawning entire kingdoms from the world, you may need to wait a bit before your castle has fully spawned.
You may have also wandered, "What if my wilderness area is out of resources?" Then don't worry! Every fixed amount of time all the wilderness areas are refilled with many more resources for you to mine!
One more important thing to keep in mind that the server is in DEVELOPMENT, bugs may rise and things might get destroyed. But don't worry, every loss of items because of bugs will be compensated!


  • Use of hacked clients is prohibited and will result with a permanent ban.
  • Use of exploits without reporting them will result with a permanent ban.
  • Toxic behavior or any behavior that offends others will result with a permanent ban.


The server version is 1.16.5 and updating.

Server address: